About the Shelton Historical Society

Our Story

The Shelton Historical Society is a private, 501(c) non-profit organization. The Society was established in 1969 by a group of civic-minded individuals whose goal was to save historic structures during a time when suburban growth was rampant.  They were successful in saving the circa 1822 Brownson House and the one room 1872 Trap Falls School.  These buildings required relocation, however, and a one-acre site was secured, donated along with a barn built in the 1860’s, by a generous couple who had farmed many acres in what would soon become a suburban neighborhood.  These two buildings were moved in 1971; two small outbuildings were later added to the complex.  A sixth structure was added in 2007 to house horse-drawn vehicles, including a restored carry-all that once transported children to school.  Today these buildings form the Shelton History Center on Ripton Road in Shelton.





Mission Statement

The mission of the Shelton Historical Society is to preserve elements of the community’s history in order to create lasting and meaningful connections between past, present, and future generations through education, maintaining a museum with its collections, and providing a voice in the community regarding matters of historical significance.

Vision Statement

The Shelton Historical Society is a vital community resource for all matters related to the history of Shelton.  We serve as the depository of first choice, the chronicler of our changing landscape, and as an advocate to inspire curiosity, appreciation, and respect for our city’s history.